I am writing an amateur game on Amstrad CPC, a Nicky Boom "demake".
I have the game partially running converted from Amiga / Atari ST code & data.

I have the original MOD files from Amiga I converted to a CPC/AY specific tool called Arkos Tracker 2.

Targhan, the creator of AT2 does not have time to help so I am requesting here to see if anyone can help.
This is a hobby project with NO commercial goal, so in a perfect world anyone doing it for "free" would be awesome, however I am ready to pay out a reasonable fee for porting the musics to Arkos Tracker 2 / CPC / AY-3-8910.

Of course, anyone doing it for free or money will be credited in the final production.

I did a first music conversion myself with my basic knowledge of soundtracking, but I'm not a musician by any way.
I'm pretty sure some experienced chiptuners could do something really nice.

I can share my current files if anyone is interested in this project.

Best Regards,

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