Hello ChipMusic!

I have a very quick question: I will be going out of the country (I'm from the USA) at the end of the September for work. I will be packing light since I am only staying for a month, or maybe a little later. Instead of bringing my 7.5lb expensive gaming laptop, that I don't want to have stolen, I purchased a decent chromebook for some web-based productivity. I have found two chiptune web-based apps, and was wondering if anyone has used them and could give me a recommendation. BeepBox and PulseBoy? Or is there another web-based chiptune tracker you can inform me of?
Really looking for something that saves on the cloud, that way if this $160 chromebook breaks, or gets stolen, or I spill some fancy European cappuccino on it, I can just pull the files with no issue from anywhere (hence why I went with this rather than a full laptop).

Thank you for any help!

-prince d'morn


Bratislava, Slovakia

Here is also one:

BTW, why not to purchase even 2nd hand iPad (for example Air 2 is still powerful for most apps)? Since i have it i never packed my notebook to outside.

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