Hey everyone,

This is my first complete track using the grey brick (DMG) Gameboy and a Teensyboy Pro (scored in FL Studio).

Black Sheep by Metric from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (DMG Arrangement)

I've been composing/arranging using MidiNES for the past decade and have recently started using the Gameboy instead since my NES crapped out on me. I've been working with this combo for a few months now, familiarizing myself with the functions in relation to those of the NES. It's apparent that I'm not quite as familiar with the DMG programming as with the NES but while this works against me in terms of workflow (I probably made things a lot harder on myself), I think it works nicely for the track.

All pitch bends are manual on the channel event editor (no sweep functions used) and I played around a lot with stereo separation since I never had it on the NES. I love the versatility of the WAV channel as well. Crunchy bass, ftw!

I'd love some feedback if anyone has any advice to offer.

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Nelson, NZ

Nicely done! Awesome cover of a fantastic song. The pitch bending lends itself really well to the chorus melody.


This is great! Always loved this song in the movie, super cool you're using a Teensyboy Pro!