My first tune made with 0cc-Famitracker.
Here there's soundcloud link:
Let me know what you think of it, thank you ^_^


I think you need to work more on details. I quite like the melody but it would be better with some variations and little details. Enveloppe and volume fades, are nice things to add for example.

A good exercise for learning a new software is to try to understand and copy some parts of songs you like (done in famitracker or not).

Keep up the good work!


work on some nicer drums and bass, it will really make a difference to the track :)

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Thank you for the advices, I'll try to do it Gala. Now I'm also practising in LSDJ. I want to do some good stuff with it.
Thank you too Jellica, for the next songs I'll make good drums and bass (with more effects) smile

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