Will defiantly help me feed my cat if you buy:

This is a spaceship shooter soundtrack for everyone who is interested of making a Famicom shooter.



Cool stuff.  There are a lot of fun riffs and the song structure is good - the different ideas flow into each other nicely.  I like the overall vibe.

One thing that strikes me as something to potentially tweak on future songs is the sustain of the instruments.  It sounds like the majority of them are usually operating at the same volume for the entire duration of the note.  I notice it mainly with chords or held notes in the melody.  At certain times that can feel a bit too intense or droning, and I think the songs could've benefited from some further volume control to give the instruments more of a natural feel.  That's probably something I struggle with the most especially with the limited volume control of the 2A03.

Solid soundtrack.