Press Over, Game Ever and Camarón Brujo Música presents the first series of documentaries about the Latin America Chiptune Scene
All videos have the CC for English subtitles


EPISODE 1: Toni Leys is an accomplished chiptune artist from Argentina. In this interview he tells us about his journey as a musician. How he fell in love with Sega Genesis' music and how he got to make a living doing music for videogames.

EPISODE 2: Uctumi is playing with his Commodore 64 since the beginnings of the internet. Behind his humble look, his music is diverse, full of style, personality and creativity.

EPISODE 3: Kry.exe
Kry.exe tells us about the beginnings of chiptune, as well as his own beginnings as a musician and where his music is going. He also shares with us his knowledge about demoscene and chiptune fests.

EPISODE 4: Jota Cápsula
From Chile, the first international guest

EPISODE 5: GAS1312 + IDecade
Two guests from Italy on their tour to Argentina

EPISODE 6: Cinematronic
Ciro plays a hard techno style with his PSP. He tells us about the beginnings of the argentinian chiptune movement on his town, Paraná. He also considers himself a "digital rescuer", looking for gold computers that were thrown to the garbage.

EPISODE 7: Coke and Aspirin
Cokeanaspirin is a very peculiar chiptune artist. He uses his hairstyle and a bear hat to cover his face when he plays,
he doesn't even like to share his music online, but behind that introvert look there is a friendly style of enjoyable music,
and everyone on the chiptune scene knows him.

EPISODE 8: Hyper Foofie
Jeffrey is one of the pioneers of chiptune music in Costa Rica. Much of what he knows was learned on a trip to Argentina, being around figures such as The Pat Moritas and Toni Leys. He combines 8 and 16 bit music with techno influences, achieving a style that resembles to a dance club DJ.

Latin Chip is produced by
Press Over (
Game Ever (
Camarón Brujo Música (

Hosted by: Naku Berneri
Directed by: Pablo Forconi
General Producer: Juan Lomanto
DP: Daniela Bruno
Camera Crew: Daniela Bruno, Agustina Del Mestre, Agustín Isart
Sound Engineer: Naku Berneri, Nicola Carrara
Video Editors: Micaela Lara, Daniela Bruno
Sound Editor: Guillermo Bruno
Original Soundtrack: Guillermo Bruno
MoGraph: Franco Albertti, Daniela Bruno
Opening Titles: Random Lab

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Nice! Couldn't watch yet all the episodes, at first I was skeptical but when I saw Naku I was ok with it.
Will check this asap
Thanks for the heads up! Never heard of some of these artists (except Uctumi), gotta check em all.


holy crap this rules


Season 1 completed!