Bristol, UK

It's that time again when we announce an update release;

New free versions of AMCS (b11102019dt) MIDI/audio sequencer, now available for download from the official website >>>

Added dual display support for HDMI on the Wondermedia 8850.
Improved support with USB mice for devices that have USB.
Various very small tweaks and fixes.

We'll be at the RISC OS London Show with all the usual prototypes (including the Archimedes), bits of our music studio kit and a new full product (which the next post will explain) -

And if you can't make the show but you're in Bristol, you're welcome to come and chat to the core developer (me) of AMCS about the vertical mountain of work it's taken to get from a RISC OS BASIC program on the A3000 to a full OS for newer ARM hardware, still compiled in BBC BASIC assembler on RISC OS 3, at the BRU user group -


Bristol, UK

This isn't directly Acorn related, but definitely ARM related. And I'm putting this here incase anyone makes music with Tracker or any step sequencer and/or will like to own a full AMCS system (please spread the word as we're not some huge corporation with pots of cash and a dedicated marketing dept.).

The specifications of AMCS are still extreme even compared to the offerings of much more established manufacturers. The new devices are based on the VIA APC8750 with absolutely no support of VIA, AMCS is not running on any existing OSes or using any existing drivers, it is a complete development from the ground up, hence why it's pretty bulletproof.

But, unfortunately we can only offer our latest product to the UK, bad experiences with various couriers have made us cautious with such a small production run.

Anyway, our cheesy promo follows smile


AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System - WW7 workstation

3rd Event Technologies are proud to announce;

The new Advanced Music Construction System - WW7 workstation.

AMCS is a dedicated music production system targeted at live performance.

It is unique and features;

256 poly-loop tracks with up to 256 steps of MIDI and CD-quality audio.

Mixing with 256 customisable presets mapped to tactile controllers.

Instrument routing and stacking with extensive control of the MIDI architecture.

Everything can be used during live performances.

And much more.

The system is tough and lightweight, has a quick power up, no cooling requirement and is suitable for touring.

Supplied with a touchpad keyboard, MIDI interface and 4 gigabytes of removable storage.

Limited stock available at a reasonable price.

Please check the official website for more details and how to purchase;

Any queries, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

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