Hello peeps,

my name is SovRIn and i work for a small Netlabel called Industrial Parasite. We picked up the game roughly about a year ago and are always looking for cool new stuff.
Our most recent success was a livestream on Twitch where we show new stuff comming from the label as well as Chip & Bass Music from the community.
It's just a way to spread cool music, the stream later becomes a VOD and a Podcast on Spotify etc.

So if you are interested in showcasing your Work … w/viewform

feel free to fill out the info on the Form and I will get back to you. Next show will be on Jan. 12th. We already featured lots of cool Chiptune artists, why not be part of the Chipfam.

We will not alter your songs in any way except for duration because we will only be spotlighting snippets. Feel free to write a little bio so we can introduce you to our followers and live watchers.

if you would like to know more about us or what we do, feel free to hit me up anywhere.

Best Wishes,