Tokyo, Japan


We've had our eyes on Klirre for a while now. They are prolific in both their music and art output, creating a whole ecosphere around an extraterrestrial protagonist. This EP is no different as we are taken through a host of different emotions from track to track. The overall feeling is of a day, a week, a month, or a year in the life of our hero.

This release is also the first time that we have experimented with risograph printing (more to come in the future!) and we are very glad to have kicked things off with Klirre.


-- Cheapshot
1. Novatopia 02:43   
2. Pink Punk 02:52   
3. Crush 03:03   
4. Heart Pics 02:48   
5. Crush (Popsicle Theory Remix) 03:08

>>> Available here <<<

* Digital - $4
* Risograph A3 Poster $10


Music and art: Klirre


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