Hello! I'm working on adding Gen MDM compatibility to my VST, and it's *almost* working save for one issue that I've been debugging for hours. I've gone through again and again and it doesn't seem to matter what I do, DR2 just isn't working right

(Midi CC 51 to 54, " Secondary Decay Rate")

At first I thought it just wasn't responding to messages at all, but now it seems more like each write to DR2 only affects one of the operators no matter which of the 4 I write to (It seems like 51, 52, 53, and 54 might all be affecting Operator 1, but my tests have been inconsistent and the results are confusing). The confusing behavior even happens if I control the chip manually from my DAW with MIDI messages which was what led me to believe this could be a possible bug.

Has anyone else noticed any problems with the Secondary Decay Rate, or is it possible that I'm missing something? All the other parameters work perfectly and at this point I'd even be happy with a hack if anyone knows one!

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