Liverpool, UK … zing-years

Dug up the bones after years of hibernation!
Collection of some faiotron tracks and covers, that have been hovering around the internet in the past. Never released them 'officially', but I guess this time (Spring 2020, COVID lockdown in Amsterdam) is a good as any.
Quick remasters from what ever mp3 files were left after years of HD crashes and thefts, so please be gentle, oh Mighty Audiophile Listener!
released February 18, 2009

Music by Áron Birtalan
track 7 written by Joy Division, reworked by Áron Birtalan
track 8 written by Jimmy LaValle, reworked by Áron Birtalan
track 9 written by Grails, reworked by Áron Birtalan

Original Photograph by Péter Rokob for the album Cirmos Visszatér (Presszó Rock) by Cirmos Kormos Gábor.
if you are the owner of this photograph, please contact me for credits and/or copyright claims.
though I would be so happy to keep this gem!!!