Hi there SovRin here from Industrial Parasite,

we teamed up with some indie Artists and put together a nice little compilation of Chiptune influenced music.
Not every artist on this album is represented by Industrial Parasite but we were allowed to feature there works, If you like any of the tracks feel free to support the individual artists.

Best Wishes,


Track listing!

1. Bitterfry - Clash'in 03:44   
2. High on kola - Zer German Bass 03:01   
3.Jessie is a Robot - Don't get the wrong idea 03:03   
4.JTRA - Cascading Heaven 03:48   
5.ThaBassBoar - Retro Drive 02:43   
6.Porxy - NameOverflow 02:22   
7.That Andy Guy - Locked In 02:33   
8.SovRin - Step it up 03:03   
9.KWEST - The Demon 04:31   
10.Ae/Sthetic - Panorama 02:54