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TL;DR - I'm making an LSDJ zine, and am looking for links and resources. The LSDJ manual is huge and intimidating for a newcomer so would like to create something accessible for everyone!

I'm working on a zine for people who want to get into chiptune in 2020 (specifically LSDJ, but may create another zine later looking at other ways to get into the genre). I'm including sections on finding a GameBoy, buying a Flash Cart, installing LSDJ, basic GameBoy troubleshooting, a rough guide to music theory for chiptune, and finally an introductory guide to LSDJ. I'm also going to include an A3 cheat-sheet for LSDJ with button presses and screen layout for easy reference. In total, the zine will be 28 pages long and in A5 size. I'm running on a tight budget, so this will mostly be available for free as a digital zine, but will try to print a few copies too.

I'm aware a zine was made a while back ( … usic-vol-1) but I can't find a copy anywhere, so thought I'd make my own.

I'm looking for links to free online resources (websites, youtube channels, whatever) to get a bit deeper into music theory, as well as links to chiptune artists - looking especially for those that use LSDJ but other chiptune artists are also welcome! Will also include a section on more resources for learning LSDJ so if anyone has any ideas they are also welcome!

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I was planning to make video introduction to trackers (using LSDJ) for total beginners, and I believe our goals would go well together!

There's a lot of information available online on various platforms and websites, here's quite good twitter thread about it:

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hey, i'm happy to contribute, i've got a blog series called "Intense Tech with Defense Mech" about some more advanced topics in LSDJ but they might still be helpful for beginners. i'm working on migrating all the articles onto my own website. i also have a few video tutorials. all the links to my blog articles are up at and you can find a link to my Youtube channel there too. let me know if there are specific topics i can contribute articles for, or if i can be helpful in other ways too!