SID Factory II is a cross-platform music editor for editing SID music that can be played on a Commodore 64. It uses the reSID emulator. The project was started by Thomas Egeskov Petersen (also known as Laxity) with assistance by Jens-Christian Huus and Michel de Bree.

The editor has been compiled for Windows and Mac under GNU General Public License v2.

You can download the editor here.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Thanks for this music editor, i tried several times to get deeper into it, and now finally i am in and first song is in progress. Only thing is that shortcut for copy/paste sequence, it is not ctrl but command key (on iMac), and when i am adding sequences (new positions) i cannot edit that left side, only way to add next position is by ctrl + f (insert next unused seq), and by editing that new position by inserting new sequence, or use older (for example with transposition change). But i feel very comfortable in this editor, help screen around borders is also great thing and PC/Mac versions is also great thing because i can bring tune from work to home and continue to work on Windows.