Yeah, i've waited for 2 iterations actually, but the test didn't output anything besides mbc version.
I also tried comparing the lsdj rom before loading and after dumping, and they are no different.

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The actual function of the testis to check every byte of the ROM to ensure that there no bytes have been corrupted. It will keep doing this forever. The MBC5 test was just tacked on the existing test ROM and is a one time check of how the cartridge mapper reacts to writing 0 to the ROM bank selection register.

Really weird issue though.


years ago I've purchased the usb 64m smart card. It worked pretty well at that time except from some games.
Recently I buyed some new DMG games and want to test the roms on the cartridge but cant make it work. I discovered that only small games like Tetris (256K) are working. Of course, LSDJ is not loading at all (blank screen)
Do you have any clue of what could be happening? Is there a way to low level format the cart?
May be there is some corrupt data over a certain memory register which could be causing he malfunction.
Please if you have any idea, let me know.
Beast regards