Hi guys, i'm looking for "ambient" music for a game i'm developping.
It's still in an early stage so this is not really for now but for the near future.

I'm looking for dreamy slow paced music (i.e. minecraft ost) for the Nintendo Gameboy.

Since I am making the game in GB Studio, they need to be in .mod format compatible with GBT, basically
songs need to follow the requirements outlined here:

Number of songs required : 7-8
Rough length of songs : 1 minute and it loops should be enough
Deadline : None
Style or Genre required : Ambient, dreamy, slow paced
Compensation : To be discussed with the budget I have later on. For now let's say 20$ per track (I will try to do more)
Contact information : contact me using please
Game / company website : None for now

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Paso del Rey, Argentina

Hi, i am interested. I sent you a private message.

Paris, France

Sent you a PM with some suggestions from my tracks

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