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I am making a tracker in Python, which at the end, is suppose to work on raspberry pi, and be usable with a gamepad (but also with keyboard).

The idea is to make an alternative of LGPT, maybe not as good as (because LGPT is soo great...) but something which should not crash too often (LGPT crashes too many times...) and if not too hard which can make synthesis sounds (sample + synthesis) and MIDI out (at the end maybe also MIDI CC but if we arrive until here that would be good enough lol).

I thing it is more easy to do that for beginners in python or tracker making than modifying LGPT code (which is open source)

I already made the main navigation style (dirty coded and dirty looking, but basic things working). But I don't have a lot of time to work on it, and i'm new to Python so if people are interested buy working together it will be really more fast (and fun!).

There isn't a link yet, I have to upload the project somewhere. Maybe github but I also want to look alternatives because I already use github for work and, for confidential purposes I should prefer somewhere else.

Is there some people interested in that?

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Hey MazHoot!

yep, I would be interested in that.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time neither... but this is a cool idea!

France Eure Et Loire

Thank's for your response!

The idea became from that I understand that what I love the most about LSDJ was also the workflow and that it can be used with buttons and knobs which is build normally for gaming but controllers for gaming are the best we can find in term of ergonomy and so there is nothing more comfortable than make music with gamepad or with handheld console in my opinion...

I tried M8 tracker headless, which is maybe the best in this direction but I steel have problems on it (can't save a song or can't use my preferred gamepad (I use it with webdisplay app because i'm on linux). And I like the thing to add the fonctionnality I want on the code.

I thought about using many things like lsdj but maybe some things different like the song screen. It should be easyer to do I think if it was something like

[1] 2 3 4 5  6 7 +   (go on + and press a for add one) ([1] is the one playing) and if you want to loop in one number, you press for exemple B on it.


For now, the grid must be finished and and navigation must be finished where there is bugs.

I have an other project file where I was wrong started but where the playing note and tracker moving works good so I can use what I already done on it.

If you want me to share it, send me a private message with your email.

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