Really happy with this one. 25 chiptune artists pay homage to the train jingles of Japan. Free download.

'If you've visited Japan and used their wonderful train system, one thing that no doubt caught your attention was the jingles or 'departure melodies'. 発車メロディ or 駅メロ are written to evoke a sense of pleasant calm within the environment of a bustling platform, but also hurry passengers along at the same time.

The jingles are different across stations and lines, meaning each tune becomes associated with a certain place. This release features numerous chip and electronic artists, each developing a track around their chosen jingle; it's an homage to the experience of riding trains in Japan, hopefully connecting with those melodies lodged in your memory via your daily commute or a holiday trip.

Download the release to access a chart showing the jingles used by each artist.'

Liverpool, UK

Sick compilation, definitely worth getting!


this is what I needed