Hi everyone,

I've decided to upload a bunch of previously unreleased songs from my A Suffusion of Yellow project, link below. There's a lot of different ideas here spanning the time these were written. At some point during that span of time I took drum lessons and it definitely changed my approach to writing songs. I'll probably make some more new gameboy music someday--I never really fully stopped, life just has a way of throwing all sorts of competing priorities at you and there's just never room for them all! I'd consider many of these rough, and I was embarrassed to share them for a long time. As I've gotten older, though, I've started to be nicer to myself and I've grown to really appreciate getting to hear these snapshots of past moments in my life. As unpolished as many of them are, I like a lot of the ideas I explored here, and a few of those ideas will probably make it into future work. I hope you enjoy some of it! … -2008-2015