“Melodies Found On 880kB Floppies” is a love letter to amazing music made on Amiga computer, mainly in the ‘90s of the XX century. It consists of chiptune covers of the best demoscene and games tracks (plus one bonus cover of Commodore 64 tune). It’s a tribute to great composers of that era. Original authors are:

01. Cyber Ride - Volker “Jester” Tripp
02. Ride - Piotr “XTD” Bendyk
03. Pinball Illusions - Olof Gustafsson
04. Psychotic Dreams - Mike
05. Delicate 0ooz! - Bennie “Emax” Pedersen
06. Miami Ice (from Lotus III) - Patrick Phelan
07. Compulsion to Obey - Gustaf “Lizardking” Grefberg
08. Flashback (Options + Journal) - Raphael Gesqua
09. Switchback - Timm “Chromag” Albers
10. C64 Bonus - Fly Around The World - Péter "Peet" Molnár

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released March 31, 2021

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