found this, can't manage to compile it tho, anyone tried? Assuming it's fairly beta/incomplete, from the description:

Step sequencer for Game Boy® Advance
This aims to be a complete step sequencer to take advantage of the audio capabilities of the GBA to help musicians achieve that vintage colour

Main features
The main features will be:

Up to 64 steps per part
Parts can be sequenced to compose a whole song
Songs can be stored for calling later
It's unclear if it's feasible at the moment, but some kind of synth may be developed to use PCM capabilities

Comprehensible interface
Satisfatory and optimal UX, given the fact the GBA has few buttons

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OK I asked on the GBAdev discord and someone compiled aaaand... it's just a splash screen. big_smile


so it doesn't work?


Nope it's just someone's never-really started project. There's a logo screen and the code has empty placeholders for the actual sequencer/sound parts big_smile