I'm curious. It seems like you can do pretty good music with it.

Anyone has the manual for it?
Also how it is solved if custom samples are used? The memory card space is tiny. Splitting up to multiple cards?

Czech Republic

It seems usefull to check this video tutorial.
Section around 16:20 is about sampling...


Yeah Music 2000 / MTV Music Generator can make really great music, I made couple tracks, not yet published apart from   one little trailer I made on Twitter (Made with it's prequel)

Here's archive link of manual and image backups!
This software is absolutely legendary, though it's riddled with some nasty (though rare) saving bugs, so be sure to save carefully (Retroarch savestates recommended!) That still didn't stop producers around the world to start their music career using it!
Music2k has detailed information what each button does inside software itself, pressing Circle button brings out menu of all possible actions in current menu we are in!

There's also prequel to M2k, simply called "Music", it has bit less features and tooltips are not as descriptive as in the M2k, but it's bug free and perfectly usable so one can safely make music with it!

Sampling works with emulation too (Retroarch + Bettle Core, performing CD swap, has to be audio CD!) but I haven't been playing with it much.

Both apps also have amazing VJ mode, which is absolutely undocumented and in nearby future I want to change it!