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(the rom is at the bottom, I write too much)

I made a few years ago a rom for the ds. I share it with you, I didn't do it before because it's not finished at all, a little bugy (it don't crash but there are problems on screen display sometimes but by switching screen you can normally remove these problems). And I thought I would come back coding it for better looking and less bugs before share but finally I don't know if I will come back to it some day.

Maybe the next thing I will do will be more something on the gba. I started also a tracker on raspberry pi but I think it's stopped too for now.

So instead of waiting years for a finishing which will probably never come, here it is.

At first it was suposed to be just a launchpad, but I always wanted more and more and now there is too much things and I think it's hard to understand what's going on but with a little practise you can make fun things.

It is completly ugly as when I did that I just didn't care about the graphical aspect and I didn't know how make it beautiful.

It is only sample based. No real synthesis because I didn't know how do it. Samples things was easyer to code.

- launchpad with some fx (you press buttons, it make sounds)
- rythm on playback
- synth based on samples (you have something "close" to a music keybaord with all the keys of the nds) with some arpegiators modes
- tracker with only 2 channels (others don't work) and only one page, more fore live things. You can change the notes of all synths in the tracker by pressing the nds buttons. This was inspired from Rythm Core Alpha 2. The play of the tracker is not very fluid sometimes.
- sync mode : it convert the nds into mono and use one of the channel for sync. I tested sync with lsdj it worked but with the tracker it's a little crazy. But sync mode works very good with synth mode according to the arpegiator when you press a button.
You need use a Y cable for use sync mode (male minijack to 2 female minijack) one is for sound and the other goes for example in a volca.

Maybe one day I will resolve the bugs and a better display for understanding what's going on.

I made some vidéos for show what you can do with it :

- Changing the tracker notes like on Rythm Core Alpha 2 : … -KvehIb7kr

- Sync mode on the arpegiator (with volca modular and volca beats) : … mp;index=2

- launchpad, rhythm playback and synth mode : … mp;index=3

- more on synth mode and arpegiator (and my hair hahaha) : … mp;index=4

And here a sound I made with it :

THE ROM : … sp=sharing

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Looking forward to trying this, thanks!!

France Eure Et Loire


don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. I'm pretty sure there are things which are not written on the screen like enter on the synth mod, if I good remember it's SELECT + RIGHT

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