It took mmmm a long time, but I've started a chiptune/related scenes distro.

SYDNEY CITY CHIPTUNE MINISTRIES is an attempt to keep old and new chipmusic, modular soundscapes, demoscene tracker files, hardware jam tapes, outsider electronic drones, field recordings and other DIY scene-based music alive and broadly available (on Spotify, Apple, MixCloud, SoundCloud Go, Shazam and Tidal, along with many others).

If you wanna check it out and see what's out so far, or what's upcoming...

Abandoned on Fire

Awesome! It's been a while since I've seen a new label. I'm feeling like there's a new little chip era starting. The streaming era, I guess, where performances are way more accessible and people have seen/heard way more variety of chip than in the past. Meaning the "not mainstream" stuff is getting more exposure so there's naturally more interest. I dunno, I got good feelings for some reason. heart

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