Help needed!

My experience with GENMDM is not positive. Evne i i plug it in after the sega starts. I cant play all the channels and it’s monophony.

1) any clues about the channels issue
2) Can I upgrade it to polyphony?

With genajam i am more in luck but

I am having troubles connecting it to the sega and pc at the same time. I use i midi keyboard directly but i would like to have the pc so i can change the keyboard settings to match genajam (knobs to change parameters)
Can it be done? How do you use it?


What do you mean play all the channels? Are you saying it only working on cha 1 but not 2 or 3 or whatever?

Each channel is monophonic, so if you are only playing mono that makes sense

If you want to have keyboard and pc going in directly you need to either
keyboard>computer>genesis and have a soft thru in your midi program on the computer, or get a midi merger


Hi herr_prof
Thanks for your answer:
1. Yes one some of the midi channels makes sounds on genmdm
As of the new version og genmdm only mono is enabled. The earlier version had poly

2. I used the keyboard-pc-genajam mode, so i Can change parameters on the keyboard via pc software. However i Can only play on the genajam while the keyboard is connected directly with the genajam and the pc removed.