Hey y'all,

I'm a formerly-solo indie game developer who's teamed up with a pixel artist to create a new Game Boy Color-style Action RPG. It will be like a combination of Punch-Out!! combat with open-world JRPG gameplay. Since this game will be reusing the Punch-Out!! engine that I've already completed, we will be ready to release a vertical slice demo in just a few months.

We are looking for hyper-catchy, authentic Game Boy Color-style music with strong hip hop and funk influences. For our vertical slice, we need the following at bare minimum:

* Ultra-catchy battle theme (1:00 - 1:30)
* Extremely catchy town theme (0:45 - 1:30)
* Very catchy shop theme (0:30 - 0:45)
* Exciting intro cutscene music  (0:15 - 0:30)

To be clear, melody is by far the most important thing. This music needs to be high-energy and convey a strong sense of "fun." We can pay $200/minute of music composed, but we have discerning tastes and expect you to rework a track if we are not satisfied with it initially.

Per the pinned post, here's all the relevant info:

Number of songs required : 4
Rough length of songs : 0:30 - 1:30
Deadline : Early October
Style or Genre required : GBC, Hip Hop, Funk
Compensation : $200/minute
Contact information : [email protected]
Game / company website :

Also, here are some tracks that illustrate the general level of quality and spirit we're looking for:
Albano (Lufia, TLR) -
Battle Theme (Revelations, The Demon Slayer) -
Challenge (Mario Golf GBC) -
Driving Range (Mario Golf GBC) -
Most tracks from Ganbare Goemon 1 on Game Boy: … -ebisumaru
But especially:
- Yamasiro Region (Area 4A)
- Assault on Benkei's Castle (Area 4B)
- Final Region! (Area 8A)
- Assault on Echigo Palace (Area 5B)
- Quick Save! (Area 8B)

I understand that the Goemon OST has a super strong Japanese flavor, which isn't necessarily needed for this project, but it captures the high-energy, victorious spirit we're looking for.

Please respond with samples of your work, or e-mail me at [email protected].