Santiago, Chile

So, I tried around, and what does work, is syncing to midi-notes via arduinoboy mgb mode. So I guess the cable is good, and so is the arduinoboy (clock source is also good, b/c it syncs fine to nanoloop 2)

But I don't get much use out out midi note-in, as the notes won't sustain and are always just one step long. I send notes with longer gate, but they get cut immediately. Manual states "Note off triggered on note off message, or velocity = 0" so my best guess would be that the velocity of 0 of the following step does cut it, although it there is no note data sent with it. Or something like that.

So I would really love to get midi clock sync to work (and program notes from the gb itself).

My cable does only have four pads connected, but these are the pins 0, 1, 2 and ground as specified in the original graphic from Trash80's github:

The +5v is missing, but optional.

Video of the constant retriggering:
Cursor should scroll down, but is only blinking on step 1.

@sloopygoop: As arduinoboy is sending lsdj master sync signal, slaving gb303 to lsdj should be exactly the same as to midi via arduinoboy. But as I'm running out of other options, that would be the next thing to try, just to confirm what part exactly does not work (for me).

Unfortunately my cart and DMG are in Europe while I am kind of stuck in South America rn, so it might take me some more months to check back on that. But I will surely give an update on that when I can.

If anyone can give me a heads-up how to get sync to midi-clock to work in the meantime, I would be really gratefull heart

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