I successfully installed m8 and audio config on my pi boy (raspberry pi inside a gameboy, raspi 3B+ I think).

The more important problem is to map the buttons on the pi boy. I wanted to use antimicro for that but for a reason that I don't understand I can't start m8 from x server. I can start it only from retropie command line, without launching any x server.

From the x server, which is LXDE (Pixel), if I open a terminal and try to launch m8c it does nothing. No errors,

it says that :
pi@retropie:~/code/m8c $ ./m8c
INFO: Looking for USB serial devices.
INFO: Found M8 in /dev/ttyACM1.
INFO: Opening port.
INFO: Enabling and resetting M8 display
INFO: Reset display

And I can see nothing...

If it's not under x server, then it works, m8c open. But then, antimicro don't work, it needs x server so I can't succeed to have both :-(

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you should try posting on the github, they are pretty responsive



thank's but laamaa himself seems to can't see what can be the problem, I already asked help on the m8 (DirtyWave) discord channel lol...

But I also posted it on raspberry pi forum, maybe I will have something there

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I think this got already resolved? But in case others encounter the problem, it is most likely a conflict in libserialport and recent Linux kernel versions. Instructions for troubleshooting be found at