Post your all-time favorite chiptune albums + EPs.

Here's mine:


The Boy with the Digital Heart by Pixelh8 (2007)
Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0 by 8 Bit Weapon (2006)
8 Bit Heart by Leeni (2007)
Legacy Trails by 4mat (2011)
Spectra by Chipzel (2013)
October November December by Brother Android (2010)
Space Hymns Theodicy Edition by Brother Android (2013)
Three Years by Ro-Bear (2012)
Today by Freezedream (2010)


Natural High by Baifan (2009)
Talk to Animals by Talk to Animals (2010)
Mokè Mokè by Zan-zan-zawa-veia (2011)
Mino by Pgil (2014)
Baddies by Comptroller (2011)
Left by Minusbaby (2009)
Chaotic Tänze Der Funktion by Sulumi (2010)

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I don't listen to albums, i have favourite composers:

Rob Hubbard, favourite song is Lightforce and Monty on the Run (C64)
Reyn Ouwehand, OST for Last Ninja III (C64)
Jesper Kyd, OST for Batman and Robin (Sega Genesis)
Jeroen Tel (WAVE), anything from C64, In my life, my mind (Fasttracker II song)

Nice chiptune album (compilation) is Equilibrium released by ubiktune

Best non-chiptune tracker albums: disk and appelsap by md (Mellow-D)

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