KeFF wrote:

i wan't!

<grammar nazi>
It's actually "want". The apostrophe has two uses in English:
1) Possessive case. "This is KeFF's Gameboy" and so on.
2) When some letters are omitted.
Don't = do not. Can't = can not. It's = it is.
Want on the other hand is a verb on its own and not a short version of something else. (That's why you "he wants" but not "he don'ts".)
</grammar nazi>

Turku, FIN

oh no, do i get banne'd now?



nitro2k01 wrote:

It is indeed a bit steep. But I think they're trying to cover their costs/collect money for making a new batch after the Kickstarter failed.

That makes sense.  I still think it's really cool.

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Germany, Trier

when and where are this units available and for what price?
I want some of these so much!

matt's mind

they are on ebay last time i heard anything, search for something generic like LSDJ or Nanoloop if you can't find it at first


I just talked to the guy the other day as I am troubleshooting a friend's DMG that was purchased w/ the envelope (speaking of which I'll have to hit up some of you fellows with more electronic knowledge soon, Ima bit o noob)...these are no more.

The most recent batch of them on ebay were the last of the full modded DMG's that he was selling.

Cool thing was that when I asked about any kits, he sold me his last three boards for a (IMO) reasonable price.

Boise, ID

I stumbled upon this earlier today. I wish this was still available! I love the idea of modding internal filters/fx.


Is this still alive? Any possibilities to find it?