Bratislava, Slovakia

Hello chipmusic crew,

i am interested in new graphic design field that attracts me most, it is UX/UI design, my daily work is classic graphic design for print, package design, campaigns etc in advertising agency (i began in 1995 so i did a lot of things in this field up to now), for now i did my first thing in that field, it is revamped UI of classic FM synthesizer plugin Dexed, which i use and like very much, but that outdated brown design in low resolution is not enough for better (retina) displays, so i took print screen in HD and redesigned everything from scratch in Photoshop.

I also looked at design of latest softsynths and also hardware-based in my studio which i liked most, so i tested many colours and test of time have won deep blue color with cobalt surface (as i very like blue look of Novation Supernova, one of my fav synths), i also wanted knobs to be as real as possible (example of minimoog), but that FM synth have six operators with have pretty much same parameters, so i took advantage of human eye - colour and found eye-catchy colours (hint: coloured chocolate dots M&M's) for this knobs, i also matched some colours like EG Level/Pitch EG Level, EG Rate/Pitch EG Rate, first ones are more desaturated, but main point is that during live performance to have easy eye navigation when controlling many parameters at once.

So, this is result of my work, i tested it probably one month with long watching at it smile if someone needs redesign of application, feel free to drop me message, since i want to drop into that field, i will do of course everything for free.

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