Hey team!
I'm returning to the hobby/hustle after years away, and need to backup my old songs from my EMS carts, and ideally I'd like to restore some setlists to them once I've replaced the batteries. No matter what I try, I can't get the EMS software to recognize that I've got a cart plugged in.
I'm, of course, on a newer operating system, and some disparaging googling has shown me brief mentions of drivers no longer being compatible... is that where we're currently at? Could I be doing something else wrong? My old process consisted of the flashing of the cart, and using LSDJ manager to split the songs out.
Is anyone currently using any method to flash EMS carts? If I have to track down a piece of junk old computer with an old OS, I suppose I will, but I'd love to not have to!

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I do not have much experience with the EMS carts, but what if you try something like VMware to setup a virtual computer with an older operating system?


The official EMS software tends to not work on newer versions of Windows because the drivers for the cartridge is not signed. Try to see if ems-qart works.


can confirm that ems-qart works on windows 10. used it just a couple nights ago


there's also the GB Cart Tool android app. I noticed it's not on the play store anymore, but i've got an archived apk of it here


Thanks family... I couldnt get ems qart to work natively, unless there are drivers or something necessary that werent on the github walkthrough.

Checking out the android tool- I'll need to order a usb dongle to connect to my phone, but Im assuming it doesnt require anything else special?