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I don’t know if there is still people here but I made an other video with B+up/down for tempo because it’s more quick and easy to have bpm here. I plan to make something more live-hurry oriented and with more random and « IA » drum sequencing because like you hear in the video, I want to have something that can play by it self when I play percussion

I hope it’s ok for rot what I am doing. If it’s not I can delete it. On internet these videos are not repertoried. I think I will not make them public or only if rot is ok with that

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I'm still here smile glad this was bumped as it passed me by before and looks fun

EDIT: flashed it to a fake cart, actually got my weird iQue SP to recognise a flashcart for once, fiddled around for 5 mins and getting instant Mumdance X Mr Oizo type sounds. sold big_smile

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France Eure Et Loire


Nice to see there are still someone here! I talked a little with rot on email and he is ok for me to share my modifications so I will add it here and also the github link. My version is on a different branch than master.

I'll do it when I will be on my laptop

I added noise sounds from sound chip (only on gba version). Pulse 1, 2 and wav will normally come. On the ds version I can't suucceed to adding it without lose samples so I think the .ds will be only samples but with more quick accessible options on the second screen for activate or deactivate ia options and y and x for change bpm

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That's great to hear, look forward to playing with it smile



For the gba, I need to fix some things before share it, but you can try the nds version : … sp=sharing

it's the same thing with more hurry accessible options on bottom screen and with the possibilities to activate or not IA options. You can also change bpm with X or Y.

There is some graphic bugs which are not on gba version : if the 'X' appear too many times, move it a little and it should disappear.

Bottom screen can be modified only if sequencer is not playing.
Use sync only from bottom screen, not from options, only this one works. You have to place sounds 'o' or 'O' on track 11 for it works.
If you activate the sync, it works with volca (tested with volca beats, it should work with other volcas). You need a Y cable (stereo to 2 mono). All the sounds will become mono and goes into one of the channel (I don't remember if it's left or right). And the other channel is the sync so you can plug in to volca sync in. I tested it with lsdj and nanoloop, it don't work sad
It is often because of the level of sync is too low. So you can try increase the level with a mixer and it may works.

For exemple, on the gba version, Y sync works always with volca, but with akai rhythm wolf, if you don't use a mixer for increase the sync sound, it works only if it's used on gamecube gameboy player, because the level of sound is higher than on real gameboys.

The ds version don't have pulse sounds from sound chip. Nds can do the sames sounds from soundchip but I can't use these sounds and the samples in same time (I don't know why...) So I choosed to make it only samples... If some day I discover how use both in same time, I will add pulse and noise sounds

EDIT : on emulator, the fluidity of the sequencer is not very stable, but on the real nds it works good. I tested it on DSi, it should be the same on other ds

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Great thanks, look forward to trying on my DS soon! And the sync stuff sounds promising. I have various ways to boost gain on my small mess of a eurorack system so should be able to get things triggering smile


Hello, here is the link for the current gba version. There is still some bugs but you can now add Pulse and Noise sound on line with N (Noise) and P (pulse) … sp=sharing

For the other things, it works the same way as nds version. About the sync, you can choose Y sync in options page. This sync work with Y cable like on nds. I know there is other sync possibilities with game link port which was coded by rot but I couldn't make them works (I didn't test all configurations, one is suppose to works like said rot).

The thing cool with Y sync is that it can work also on other devices than gba/gba-sp like DSLite, gamecube (gameboy player), emulators etc... and personnaly my GBA and GBA-SP sound horrible so I always use it on DSLite or gamecube. Do you have also this noise on gba and gba-sp ?

On nanoloop 2, I can hear the noise sound when gba start, but after slpash screen, it's gone. It's like nanoloop 2 remove it with some action like reverting phase ? I don't know

EDIT : A + right/left on track 4 for change note. After some point, it change the duty of the sound. For change the octave press A + up/down
I know it's a little weird with controls because now A add a note and also remove it, so for change note or sample's pitch when you insert a sound you must keep A pressed and press left/right or up/down.
I did that because I would like to have something more instant creating than the original system with A+up for inserting a note which completly disapointed me at first.
Maybe I will change the delete to A+B like on LSDJ

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I had crash on gba version. I made a version without pulse, but with noise. Can someone tests both versions, reproduce crash and say after doing what it crashed, and if it crash also with this version or not? Maybe crash come from pulse but i'm not sure. … sp=sharing

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France Eure Et Loire


I added colors, 1/2 1/3 etc… options like on nanoloop and polyrhythms option. I will give the rom after resolving some bugs but here is a short video about the polyrhythms


Fwiw I used the original quite a bit and really liked it so I’m really excited that you picked it up and started working on it.



Here is the link of the actual ds version. About the ds, I think it's close to finished, It's like what I wanted at the begining. Don't go to other pages, it's useless as all is now on the first page. It's not for create a complete song, for that, the first version made by rot would be maybe better. My version is more for instant creating, without saving (I don't know if saving works on first Rot version, probably yes?). I added several things inspired by nanoloop :

- possibility to reduce the original 16 pas
- add a "second" sequencer so polyryhytmic is now possible (for me it is the better part :-) ) : use touch screen for activate polhyrhytmic at bottom and use B+left when the cursor is on the top part of the sequencer and press play
- the controls have changed, you now have A for insert a note, and B for Delete. A will not delete an already present note. This is because it was weird with the A+right/left command. A+Up/Down is for changing note options
- Note options :
'o' normal note (also makeable by A)
'O' note with more volume
'R' Random note (change each time cursor goes on it)
'1/2' plays 1/2 times (specificaly this was really inspired from nanoloop)
'1/3' plays 1/3 times
'1/4', '1/5'etc...

A+Right/Left : change pitch (like before)

B+Up/Down: change sample (change all samples if super live mod is activated on touch screen)
R/L: change pattern (change pitch if super live mod is activated, like on the video)

Goes on 'C' and press A+Left/Right for change channel pan … sp=sharing

Video with some fun about polyrhythmics, global pitch change and global samples change (super live mod is on)

I think it shouldn't be too complicated because everything is explained on the rom itself but if something is, say it! It will be felpfull

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I fixed some bugs on the DS version, it's now possible to use random mode and polyrhythmic in same time which caused graphic problems before.

IALimit default is now set to 4 so it start quicker when you activate random mode.

There is also other things fixed but I don't remember exactly what it is x_X … sp=sharing

The thing which need to be tested : SYNC it worked perfectly before with volca but now, I added panoramic on channels and maybe it cause some issue, I will test it soon

EDIT : it appears that there is no problems with the SYNC in this version finally :-)

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