Present our new music compilation. Someone you will see for the first time, someone you know perfectly well, but all together they will smash your head wit a special music-flow for all bleep lovers.

Originally we wanted to return to the traditional, canonical sound. But we failed. Each of the musicians is unique, each has his own specific style and own understanding of how to make chiptune really cool.

Today we are waiting for a bunch of electronic mixes, completely different dynamics of tracks, an infinite number of samples and effects, and even real live instruments.

And let them say that the chiptune is limited to 8 bits, we always knew that any limitations can be overcome!


01. Sound Forces - What A Lovely Day
02. VRUMZSSSR - Youth
03. S_TN feat. son - El Candelabro
04. illusory essence - Happiness
05. Final Sketch - Diablo
06. Nuclear Mushroom Boom - Distort Weave
07. feonao - City Lights
08. Balloonbear - illicit ventures
09. L_qcy - Shoom
10. Dazmarus -It's my cry
11. R.K.B. Studio 13 - The Secret Cat
12. ONE HIT KILL - BEEZwax (BleepLove mix)
13. Pixelbob - Back to SPB
14. GameGate - veas
15. Nagareboshi - Gyutaro
16. b00leant - CMOS, C'MON!
17. Blonde Mohawk - A Good Ol' Case of the Grass is Always Greener



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