Hoy hoy!

If anybody reeds this, is there a way to resize the goattracker window? My old eyes begs for a bigger window... I can't seem to find info about this.


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[edit] Apparently in the goattrk2.cfg file you can change the window size in this line:

;window scale factor (1 = no scaling, 2 to 4 = 2 to 4 times bigger window)

I just tried that myself and it works.

Haven't tried it but there's a new branch of GT called GTUltra which has window size options and a new UI.   

The github is here:

Or a link to it on CSDB:

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Hi 4mat!

Yay! Thanks for the infos! I will try the .cfg trick. I did try GTUltra today, it's quite nice and has a lot of visual informations that is just not shown in GT (e.g. values for filter type / fx / pulse). It's also scalable, has different color scheme and support up to 4x sid chips. I might use it if I'm persistant enough to get back into GT.