I wanted to give myself a coding challenge and attempt to improve on one of my favourite trackers. smile
I've made some workflow improvements, collected some features lying around in forks on Github and made builds for deb32, rpi32, PSP and Win32.
I don't have access to all the included platforms, I'd be very happy if you could try it out and see if the new features work as I intended big_smile
There's more further down in the pipeline but I'm curious of what features would you like to see?

This build is derivative of the work of the original
author m-.-n aka Marc Nostromo. The original work and
releasing the source code has laid the foundation for
everything included below.

This build should be considered an alpha and should not
currently be considered to replace your daily driver.
Although implemented features have been tested,
there's no guarantee a project won't crash.
All implemented features so far have been
tested not to break old projects but make backups
of your old cherished work nonetheless heart …

Changelog Jan 15 2023
    Adds native SteamOS build
    Adds  Adds Bittboy/RS97/RG350 builds
        Merge of Gameblaba, CalebCDE and RafaVicos work
    Adds Save As menu item - save a copy of your project with a new name
        Courtesy of yoyz (, biggup!
    Working Win32 build
        Requires included SDL.dll file in the same location as the binary
    Including mapping.xml
        Contains macro button examples
    Restored ping pong loop mode
        Know inssue: Starting in reverse is same as regular loop
    Sample song demoing new functionality
    Platforms: Added Win32
    Change default colors
    Introduce cursor color
    Add filter attenuation (volume post Scream)
    Platforms: Added deb and raspberry
    Experimental ping pong loop mode
        not done and removed in following builds
    Add Slice loop mode
    Platforms: PSP only

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Sorry it took me ages to test, my new psp battery lasts about 5 mins, need to find one that does not suck.  on psp-10002 it now boots but  with LOAD up&down on dpad does not affect the filebrowser so cannot select a the ALPHA file, if I select NEW I get the prompt to enter file name, but none of the buttons seem to click OK. EXIT does work.

That's as far as I could get


Yeah the supplied mapping doesn't work out of the box for PSP and is only included as a reference. Sorry, should have been more clear about that. smile

edit: I made the mapping files optional. Rename them to use them.

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Oh wow!

So glad to see these out.

I've been looking into compiling these myself for various projects, but I haven't been too successful.

Very glad that you're setting out to do the thing I dream of doing. (Updating LGPT)

I can test out some of the alpha builds for deb/raspi/win32


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Hey! Long time no post big_smile
Last year was.. Challenging. Anyway, here's a new release.
Now available for Miyoo Mini! … .3o-beta-2


Taichung, Taiwan


San Francisco

Excited to try the miyoo mini port! I was just gifted one. Great work.

wedanced wrote:

Excited to try the miyoo mini port! I was just gifted one. Great work.

Get ready to update wink … tag/1.3o_2