I'm looking for a copy of MOUKI aka M0-K1,which was a standalone synth rom which came with m4gtracker:

It was here but the link is dead and I can't find it anywhere else:


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I just checked I only have some old M4G tracker roms. Maybe you could ask to 4ormal or the laohu. It seems that they used to have a copy: … e/page/30/

By the way, if you find a way to have the rom, could you please upload it somewhere and share it? I'm always sad when some old software disappear.


thanks will ask... yes if I do find it I'll try and host it somewhere, shame when obscure music/sound roms vanish!

sp … sp=sharing


amazing thanks, look forward to giving it a try smile


Hmm got it on my GBA and it looks great but so far I've no idea how to get a single sound out of it. big_smile There's talk (on ancient discussion threads I found) of a page on their site with instructions but that's long gone of course and not on either sad

Edit: OK I got some sound going by messing with the asdr. Still not much idea how it works smile

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Czech Republic

just 5 minutes messing with it
it seems that:
PS (PreSet) shares all 6 voices and 1 ADSR, You have to mute / unmute certain voices on mixer or set volumes for  each voice
PT (PaTtern) - master pattern, shares 6 patterns, one for each voice
There are 6 wave? looking parts on bottom of the mixer. Here you set pattern for each voice.
on 808 like 16 drum grid you'll set steps on/off
on pianoroll you'll record melody in real time
mostly you use A button for operations, Start starts/stops playback
there is a menu and help on the rightmost screen (ADSR Screen), 4 buttons (wave looking things) right to it..

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Thanks, useful hints! will have another play soon and post here if I learn anything else smile


grab it @