Philadelphia, PA

I need a few backup flash carts and love the ones Professor Abrasive used to make. I have a couple of the old BleepBloop USB cartridges (flashable with a specific piece of software and a USB-mini B cord, or presumably any old cart flasher- mine work with an ALTANE). Maybe I can trade two for one?

The catch is that these two BleepBloop carts I'm trying to unload won't save .sav data. And I have one more that won't let itself be read by anything I've tried. So they have limited functionality, but are (at the moment) good for testing roms.

Replacing the batteries has not helped. I even sent these puppies to ASM/Retro Modding a good while ago when I go the ALTANE but their best efforts only left them as they are now..

Located in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. Pics to follow.