what think hybrid genres. So far think least two hybrid genre that good number Artist. that is bit pop which chip music plus vocals. then Nintendocore which is metal band+ plus chiptunes. My style which chip punk which is mix of pop punk plus chip tunes. I tend to lend heavily towards pop punk in mixture because ended up making the base too quiet. My next songs I make sure the base can be heard because it Chiptune sound. also the major innovation I did is the use of sample rate reduction for my guitar sound. It a sound not heard in nintendocore.  I guess sample rate reduction sound good with barr and power chords. I guessing its not used in nintendocore because it might not sound good with metal riffs. I am thinking that what surprising me that Nintedocore is thing before chippunk because 8 bit music tends to be bright. One would think that it be used in more upbeat genres. also it seem any chippunk music is made seems to pure mistake because well there hardly any of it.