Sergy, France

My debut EP under Balkan Bleeps is out - "Retrograd" - chiptune versions of starogradska muzika (old city music) tunes! I used 2xLSDJ with different channels running through different effects pedals, live tamburica, electric violin, and even a brief appearance of electric saz. Each of the tracks has a story, and I included notes on each one on the Bandcamp page.

It was pretty difficult to make this, it felt like experimenting with a really new sound for me (and/or in general), but with close collaboration with the excellent mixer Perigee, I absolutely love the way these ended up sounding. Raw DMG versions are also provided and also work really well! And of course, these are a BLAST to play live big_smile

I also coded up a companion game with the art done by Lana Wanderwood, who also did the album art - "Skadarlija Scramble" has you playing music and serving coffee on the streets of Belgrade, with the BGM being tunes from the album. Check that out here: