excited to try! looks amazing!

p.s. the keyboard explanation page on the site looks a bit messed up for me. I made a txt version to print out for reference anyway smile

M0-K1 Keyboard Explanation

Button Operation
Toggle Button       A

Rotary/Slider Operation
Move to Maximum     A+▲
Move to Minimum     A+▼
Decrease Value      A+►
Increase Value      A+◀︎

Transpose active channel steps
Transpose Up        B+▲
Transpose Down      B+▼

Shift active channel steps
Shift Pattern Left  B+◀︎
Shift Pattern Right B+►

Change instrument preset
Previous Preset     SELECT+L
Next Preset         SELECT+R

Jump to Pattern
Previous Pattern    SELECT+▲
Next Pattern        SELECT+▼

Select active step
Previous Step       SELECT+◀︎
Next Step           SELECT+►

Copy / Paste Pattern
Copy Pattern        SELECT+B
Paste pattern       SELECT+A

Copy / Paste Active Steps
when Step controls selected
Copy Active Steps   SELECT+B
Paste Active Steps  SELECT+A

Play controls
when Preset controls selected
Play                START
Play from Start     B+START
Toggle Loop         L
Reset Pattern       R
Sync. Reset Pattern B+R

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NES GB land

is it just me, or has this software gotten more broken 12 years later? the more I try to use it the angrier I get, continuous background noise when playing you can't get rid of. I've tested on mGBA, VBA-M on retroarch and VBA 1.7.2

NES GB land

fuck I haven't been here in ages something glitched out when trying to post

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