Nashville, Tennessee

shipping's included on all of these (within the US)... im literally starving and am selling stuff.

Inspire 1394

firewire recording interface, 2 xlr inputs and 2 1/4" inputs, rca inputs and outputs. $170.

akai lpd8

8 pads, 8 knobs, great midi controller. usb.


akg 3000c

large diaphragm, cardiod/omni/bidirectional.


ill have more stuff up soon...

all this stuff is great and i love it to death... but. nashville has no jobs, im out of food and money, and i'm needing to sell shit. get it. ill be putting up some more stuff, a telecaster, laptop, some more electronics and shit.

first come first serve, all shipping is included within the US. if it's going further we'll have to work something out.

[email protected]

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the akai chipped to UK?

Nashville, Tennessee

idk how much shipping is to the UK. im sure we can work something out though, shoot me an email.