London, UK

Hello everyone.

In my cellar I have two cardboard boxes of C64 bits and pieces, left over from my brief, disastrous experimentations with SID music.

I haven't opened the boxes in over two years, but from memory they include the following:

- 2x C64, broken(ish). The SID chips on these are both blown, and I swapped some parts around so they're kind of in bits. One is a C64-C, the other is a C64-G, which was a model where they put the C motherboard in the old breadbox case. Would be useful for parts if you're doing a modding project or something, or maybe you could repair them.

- a 1541-ii disk drive. Worked fine when I last used it, but as I don't have either a working C64 or the time, I can't and won't test it.

- gaming paddles

- I think there might be a Cynthcart cartridge in there too, along with various floppies, wires, cables, power supplies etc. Can't remember though.

Basically, I need this stuff out of my basement, but as the main attractions in there are either broken or untested, the effort I'll go to in sorting, Ebaying/selling and shipping the items way outstrips the amount of money I can reasonably expect to get for them.

Therefore, the two boxes will go for free to anyone who'll come to my flat in South West London (SW9) and take them away. You might want to use the bits for a modding project, you might want to mend and sell them, you might even get lucky with the disk drive as it certainly worked last time I use it. I'm not going to ship this stuff, I'll literally take it to my front door (or your car if you're parked outside!) and that's it.

So if you're interested in some FREE C64 bits, and you're in or near London, drop me a PM. Please don't ask me to post this stuff as I won't.


New York City

Is there any chance I can get that C64C? but I can't pick it up.
I could be happy with having just the motherboards.

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London, UK

Replied to your PM just now, but essentially you're more than welcome to it - however I've got no way of checking what works and what doesn't, which is why I'm keen to avoid selling/shipping - I don't want to be held responsible if it turns out I'm sitting on a box of junk!

Wellington, NZ

if I pay for shipping could I snag a commodore?

London, UK

If I don't get any takers I'll readvertise with a shipping option, but at the moment, I'm not shipping. This stuff may well be junk, and I don't have the time to package stuff up and take to the post office right now. That's why it's free to anyone who'll turn up at my door and take it all away from me wink