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UPDATE: Latest release: RJDMC v1.4

1.4 public

- You can now associate DMC files with RJDMC for double-clicking
- Fixed issues with window order when double clicking files
- Added new program icon
- Added .dmc file icon
- Got rid of adding proper 16+1 byte lengths at end of files
- RJDMC no longer crashes if you open a file that's already open somewhere else.
- RJDMC tells you when you have a text output that's too large for Famitracker to import.
- Writing a .txt file for FT to import will now overwrite existing files with the same name.

1.3 public

- Added the ability to save larger DPCMs as famitracker-importable text files.

1.2 public

- "Tilt" values can be negative now.
- All non-text areas become active when moused over.
- Saving .dmc and .wav files correctly shows the current filename.
- SSRC is now included in the RJDMC executable, so no need to have it in its own folder.

1.1 public

- .wav opening fixes

1.041 private

- Fixed cut/copy/paste/trim/delete so that they no longer crash if the file is too small (one sample)

1.04 public

- Added tilt feature
- Fixed a bug where hitting revert crashes program before a .wav is loaded
- Fixed several bugs with tilt

v1.03 public

- Minimizing the window when a .wav file is open no longer crashes RJDMC


I'm doing this for my senior project in school, so I will be releasing new updates to this program weekly.  The premise of this program is that it is a DMC converter that has a UI and several options.  It has no name yet sad


Converts a PCM .wav (16 or 8-bit, stereo or mono) to DMC format.  Only waves above 33144hz will work properly--others will play too fast.  If you have a 22khz wave you want to play, convert it to 44khz (or if possible, 33144hz) in some other program first.  My program converts the sample rate for larger-than-33144 rates but it does a dirty job of it, so the cleanest sound will probably result from you putting it at 33144.

You can also convert a PCM .wav to another PCM .wav approximation of the DPCM.  This is useful for people who make .it/xm/s3m files and want to have dpcm samples that sound like a NES's would.  You can also just load full songs into this to play around (warning, large filesizes take awhile).

Compressed .wav formats are not supported, and they will not be in the future most likely.  This includes ADPCM, uLaw, etc.

you can get it here.

Future features:
-<33144hz conversion
-multiple quality/pitch settings
-Graphical DMC wave display (directly editable, copy/cut/paste)
-Preview for the current DMC wav at given frequency
-The ability to chop up large wav files so they can be played back as DMCs on the NES
-Drag 'n Drop functionality
-additional filters
-bit crushing

and a bunch of other stuff that I don't really want to list yet smile


If you find any bugs with a .wav file (for example, if a .wav causes it to crash or if it's PCM and it whines that this is not a wave file), send me the .wav with a description of what went wrong at rushjet1 (at) 4x86 (dot) com.

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Awesome, I'll have to try this out soon. When those future features get implemented this will be quite robust, looking forward to them.




No OSX, no source code.


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It's written in so no OSX indeed.  I will release the source in like 3 months, whenever my project is done smile




Whenever i attempt to load a .wav i get this pop up before explorer even kicks into gear.....

Im using vista ATM will try XP later


this is TIGHT.

thank you!

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Emar wrote:

Whenever i attempt to load a .wav i get this pop up before explorer even kicks into gear.....

Im using vista ATM will try XP later

Ah, you need at least the .net framework version 3.5 :X

you can get that here at microsoft's site

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New version of RJDMC (yep, calling it that)! Version 0.05

You can get the new version here.

Changes from 0.01

-Changed name to "RJDMC"
-Any .wav input rate is supported and properly conveted to 33144hz
-Drag 'n' Drop is supported
-Added an Edit->Preferences menu for batch processing
-Allowed opening multiple files for batch processing
-Multiple .wav output rates

Batch Processing: If you want to process more than one file at once, first go to edit-> preferences and choose your output method (this will not work in "manual" mode as that expects one at a time).  After selecting an option (and a .wav output rate for .WAV output if you want), either drag/drop multiple files onto the application or use the File->Open dialog and select multiple .wav files.  They will automatically be created in the same folder as the input files with either "<inputname>.dmc" for DMC output or "<inputname>D.wav" for .WAV output.

RushJet1 wrote:

-Any .wav input rate is supported and properly conveted to 33144hz

What method are you using to resample?

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I am using SSRC

Neo Jersey

sweet! i wanted to experiment with making vocals sound like dmc sample. This sounds perfect

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Call me stupid, but what are PCM and DMC .wav formats? Google failed me. D=


PCM the "normal" way to store audio, where the height of the wave is sampled at x times per second and represented by an x-bit number. And DMC (DPCM) the way a NES stores audio, which is something like the gradient of the wave stored as a 1-bit number (either "up" or "down"), I think.

You'd have to have dmc files if you wanted to use them in famitracker (well I think famitracker has its own converter but this one is definitely better), ppmck, etc.