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Sometimes it's fun to make your gameboy run slow. The upsides of doing so are, lower pitches, easier to win tetris, and killing yourself with laughter at first view of the start up screen.

I did this ages ago and only have a few bad photos of it, and the wires are such a mess in there that im not going to open it again any time soon.

Assuming you haven't touched the innards of your sacred gift from the gods, you should probably grab one of those snazzy tri-wing screw drivers from kitsch-bent or ebay. … crewdriver

I'll wait while that gets posted out to you.

You'll also want a small switch, i found a snazzy little one that made sense to use for hole mounting. I suggest you do the same, because this tutorial covers a drill free way of doing that.

Next you'll want a different clock, the one currently in your gameboy is 4.194304MHz. Which seems a little ridiculously precise, though i'm sure there's some technical explanation as to why that value was chosen.
You can underclock, with 2.097152MHz, which halves the speed and pitch, or overclock with 8.somethingsomethingsomething. use a calculator.

I however, did the lazy way and just went with 2mhz because they are easier to find, and work fine if you're just using them by themselves. But if you want to combine it with other musical sources, or are just a little bit anal, use a 2.09kdsjhdfgk one, OR retune a copy of lsdj. … e-boy.html
If you're doing that though, swap out the regular clock for a 4mhz one at the same time.

Now because I wanted to be able to swap back and forth between underclock and regular speed, because really, I feel like theres limited application for an underclocked game boy, I installed a switch.
It's really simple and looks just like this amazing drawing

Simple right?

You'll understand it more by the time i show you some more pictures.

That white patch on the board with wires attached is where the clock will be, unsolder that.

If you just want to underclock and not have switchable speeds, stop here, and install your new clock in that same spot.
If you want it switchable, look back at the amazing drawing™, and wire it up as so.
Which hole goes to which wire, goes to which leg of the clock is irrelevant, so long as it has the same basics as that image.

You'll want your wires long so that you have somewhere to put the clocks, I hide mine behind the speaker(which i think causes noise through the speaker when its used)
I also wrapped it all in tape because i didn't want anything shorting out.

Now we get to the destructive part, mounting your switch.

My sister got a Gameboy back in 92 or 93, and in that whole time, no one i've known has ever used the DC inlet.
I think it's time we made that hole useful.
Find the inlet on the pcb, and remove it, through means of unsoldering, cutting, explosives, whatever, just get it out of there with minimal damage to other components and the pcb itself.

The spot left behind will be that little outlined square labelled "DC"

You'll have to connect two parts on that board so that the battery power will stay connected.
I did it here with a piece of resistor leg.

Now all thats left to do is poke the switch through the hole, and you're all done! its even flattened so the nut will go on nicely

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Gijs Gieskes did this mod on my transparent GB and it's really great, you can pull sound an octave lower... really crunchy bass big_smile
He had some models with 3 crystals, and a 3 way switch (underclock-normal-overclock). It was nuts!