Riverside, CA

Looking for a silver bodied, black faced Gameboy Micro, preferably with charger.

Wanted to see if anyone in the chip community has one they're willing to sell that would benefit from me buying it before going to craigslist and the like.

I'm in SoCal, USA so the closer the better.

Offering $40.

Also have stuff to trade for it. Got two greyboys in perfect external condition, including link port and battery covers, but have dead pixel rows. Also have Gameboy games:

Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge
Ceaser's Palace
Dr. Mario
Duck Tales
Home Alone 2
TMNT - Fall of the Foot Clan
Toy Story
WWF Super Stars
Yoshi's Cookie


I'll wait till November 19th, 7:00pm PST.

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