Looking for submissions of 4 channel mods for a Harsh noise/breaks/dirty beats/industrial/gabba/digital harcore blah blah style tracks.

This will be a a free online download from sinerec and a dual floppy/cassette release

Feel free to include a 64*64 pic for your release to be put on the cassette/floppy cover.


*4 channel PT compatible MODS

*No size limit but please be sensible as I'm going to try and fit as much as possible onto a floppy along with intro and music selector

* include nfo in the samplelist if you wish:name/title and the text stating the work is released under Creative Commons CC-A 2


All tracks will be hosted online via sinerec for free download.

The ogg and mod files will be available as a downloadable archive with artwork.

An exe of the musicdisk will also be available for download.

I will be making handmade covers for the audio cassettes and the data floppy with the music selector and selling them on a ltd basis.

Each artist will receive a copy and can purchase more at cost.

I haven't decided yet on the format of the music disk:

I  might code it myself in STOS (hahah yes, STOS!) as an Atari STE demo and you can run it on an emulator if you do not own an STE.

OR I may use the Windows only oldskool demomaker to create a music selector.

If interested let me know here or email:

[email protected]