San Francisco

26 min. of gb and NES music. This was the wasted time.

Track Listing:
1) "fade" (3:15 min.)
2) "Sad Times pt.1" (3:15 min.)
3) "Presumed Correctly (Sad Times pt.2)" (0:51 min.)
4) "λ Psychic (Sad Times pt.3)" (3:15 min.)
5) "Fall Apart (Sad Times pt.4)" (3:15 min.)
6) "Tail End (Sad Times pt.5)" (3:15 min.)
7) "λ2" (3:15 min.)

San Francisco

sadly i fucked up. alpha 2 is actually using the lambda symbol. FML.

too late now….

Madison, WI

Downloading, can't wait!