Brisbane, Australia
Star Fighter Dreams wrote:
vgx wrote:

Make up a CD with a variety of music, not just chip tunes or electronic music, then play that on a bunch of different speakers.

I don't if the music stores here would like this, but I can sure try.

Considering that you'll be giving them a lot of money I think it would be in their best interests to let you play whatever music you want through them smile

Matthew Joseph Payne

It's certainly considered normal to get to play whatever type of music you intend to play through a guitar amp before you buy it. If they won't let you do the same with studio monitors, don't give them your business. It's a normal and perfectly legitimate request.

Tychy, PL

Guitar Center has a bunch of studio monitors set up and they'll plug anything you have into them to test them out. Yea I tested out studio monitors with a gameboy, and even though they looked at me like I was retarded they still did it.

After that, find a better deal online.

San Antonio, Texas

I guess its time to make a make a mix CD.

brighton, uk
e.s.c. wrote:

if its not for live performance, get some nice monitors... i heart my mackie mr5's

how's the treble? been thinking of getting a set of these for a while and havent had the chance to listen!