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Great to see Josh finally eating from.... THE JAR.

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George wrote:

Your son is so gonna get shoop'd by the Aussies.

shit.  i forgot about them

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I just wanna say that Kitsch is an extremely extremely extremely nice guy.  From Matt to Matt, Thank you so much.

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Electron degeneracy pressure is a consequence of the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that two fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state at the same time. The force provided by this pressure sets a limit on the extent to which matter can be squeezed together without it collapsing into a neutron star or black hole. It is an important factor in stellar physics because it is responsible for the existence of white dwarfs.
When electrons are squeezed too close together, the exclusion principle requires them to have different energy levels. To add another electron to a given volume requires raising an electron's energy level to make room, and this requirement for energy to compress the material appears as a pressure.
Electron degeneracy pressure in a material can be computed as


where h is Planck's constant, me is the mass of the electron, mp is the mass of the proton, ρ is the density, and μe = Ne / Np is the ratio of electron number to proton number. (When particle energies reach relativistic levels, a modified formula is required.)
This degeneracy pressure is omnipresent and is in addition to the normal gas pressure P = nkT / V. At commonly encountered densities, this pressure is so low that it can be neglected. Matter is electron degenerate when the density (proportional to n / V) is high enough, and the temperature low enough, that the sum is dominated by the degeneracy pressure.

As for a serious reply, I love many of you, but I truly love all of you in the sense that such a tight-knit community of people can create such a wonderful and widespread music scene.


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I love you all equally. Just some more equally than others.

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omg adam i love/hate you, because you know i can't just love you.
there's too much conflict

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Before this thread fades out completely I gotta say the cover of "Come to Daddy" by Stress_TN is my favorite chip cover song of all time (imma letya finish etc)


"Fair and Balanced" portion of the post:

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Much love to Arlen and Derris-Kharlan. I learned a lot from these fucks heart

Everyone else, I'd like to have sex with. That is all.


Having become a new member since the creation of this thread, I see it fit to jot down my experience about coming into this tightly cosy scene.
Upon joining, I definitely felt how knit this community was/is, and I still find it hard to gain an illusive 'internet acceptance' here (not that this is my main goal, but helps in the creative process), especially since my love for creating this music was the only thing that brought me here. This is the toughest area for 'n00bz,' I find; that is to break into the scene with open arms, while relying on the fading Constructive Criticism option to musically grow.     

I understand the need for musical and personal familiarity here, along with the unserious nature of the internet (newfags can't triforce, but I can). This doesn't bug me so much as the process of becoming familiar does. Patience is key, and if you write (both musically and grammatically) poorly, then it's a dead end.

Having risked any sort of reputation I may already have had, I love the org and it's members. I live in an area where I wouldn't be able to find another chipmusician if I searched for a year. I tell my friends how awesome it is to have like-minded people here, as they constantly make fun of me for writing music on GameBoys and Famicom systems, which is loads different than my studies at school (classical guitar, music pedagogy and theory).

In the end, I love this community/thread. Probably the best I've seen, yet. The trend I've noticed is that those who have love here have super-awesome-kickass tunes, which comes from the tightly knit community. Everything's a cycle and can be debated and blown out of proportion until the cows come home.

I hope to some day meet some of you!

P.s. Hello all!
This is me.